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A Complete Review Of Teeth Whitening In Cedar City, UT

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In Utah, dental patients have access to a variety of procedures to improve the way their smile looks. These procedures include options for removing stubborn stains and making the teeth whiter. Among these options is teeth whitening treatments. The following is a complete review of Teeth Whitening Cedar City UT.

Who are the Best Candidates for This Procedure?

The best candidates for these treatments include patients who don’t have any existing damage. The dentist cannot perform these treatments if the patient has any cavities or breaks. The solution used to complete the procedure will leak into these holes and breaks. This can lead to severe pain for the patient. Patients who have healthy teeth and do not have an allergy to peroxide can acquire these treatments.

How is the Procedure Performed?

The dentist applies a barrier around the gums. This prevents irritation of the gums. Next, the dentist applies the peroxide solution onto each tooth individually. Once the teeth are properly coated, the dentist will use an ultraviolet light to cure the peroxide solution onto the teeth. This increases the whitening power of the solution and breaks down the stains. The dentist will rinse the solution off the teeth once the process is complete.

Are Additional Treatments Required?

For some patients, they must undergo several whitening treatments to achieve the maximum whiteness. Patients that have stains due to smoking and red wine are more likely to require multiple treatments. The dentist provides a schedule for these treatments for each patient.

Are Home Whitening Treatments Available?

Yes, the dentist can provide at-home whitening treatments. They offer kits that contain pre-filled trays. The patient can use these according to the schedule that the dentist provides. They can place the trays over the teeth and white the recommended amount of time.


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