Fitness Classes Offered in a Modern Gym

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Working out should be a fun but challenging experience. Going to a gym provides you with a lot of options when it comes to workouts and fitness classes. There is something for every taste. Following is a review of exciting and innovative fitness classes for you to try.

Hip Hop Classes

Dance classes have been offered in gyms across the country for years. Hip hop dancing has been a popular dance option. Using Top 40 music choices, the class offers a high energy dance party for all. The choreography may move fast for the beginner, but it is easy to ad-lib until you get the moves right. It’s class the encourages entertaining hip shaking for all.

Yoga Classes

Yoga classes can provide you with a very versatile workout. From the most gentle stretching to a vigorous cardio yoga class, there is something for everyone. Picking the right flow is key in yoga success. Are you looking for a calmer meditative yoga practice or an invigorating flow? A good gym should offer all options.

Some gyms even offer more specialized yoga such as prenatal yoga or even hot yoga, which is done in an overheated room so you can sweat off the calories.

Interval Training

Interval training is where you alternate two or more workouts, using different technique and speeds for each one. You use high intensity workouts for a period of time, upping your cardio and calorie expenditure which is then immediately followed by a low intensity workout designed for recovery. You alternate the two intensities until the workout’s end.

This is a great way to burn more calories in a shorter period of time. It also keeps boredom from setting in as you are always moving and pushing your body in different ways. Interval training can get you in top shape in no time.

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