Flea Control In Your House Before The Pest Control Service Arrives

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If you have pets, you know about fleas and if you’ve ever had a flea problem in your house, you know that it’s difficult to get rid of them. When fleas get into your carpets, they lay hundreds of eggs and the cycle is hard to break. To keep the fleas under control until the Pest Control Service arrives, use the methods below.


With a carpet full of fleas, your vacuum is your best friend. Vacuuming the carpets will suck up the eggs, larvae and fleas that are in your carpeting. You must vacuum every day and if you can, vacuum several times a day for better results. After running the vacuum, take it outside and remove the bag or empty the canister outdoors. Fleas that are in your vacuum could possibly escape back into your house. While vacuuming, move your furniture and vacuum underneath each piece. Using a steam cleaner on your carpets can get rid of the fleas and eggs. If you don’t have one, many stores rent them for 24 hours. After vacuuming your floors, use your vacuum attachment to suck up the fleas on your furniture. Thoroughly vacuum couches, chairs and your mattresses.

Wash and Dry

If your pet has bedding in the house, wash it in hot water and then place it in the dryer on high heat. Take the linens and bedspreads off your bed and wash them too. If you’ve seen fleas in rooms where you have clothing stored, you must wash all of your clothing. Other items you should wash include small throw rugs, curtains, washable dog toys and any other cloth or fabric item that has been exposed to the fleas.

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