Information About Medical Weight Loss Programs

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Many people feel relieved after losing weight, but the journey to health does not end there. Those who lose a substantial amount of weight must work hard to keep the weight off, but it doesn’t have to be a struggle. Below are some tips that make it simpler to keep health on the right track after one of the Weight Loss Programs from Allegheny Medical Integrated Health Services.

• Don’t skip any meals. Part of being healthy is ensuring that you get the nourishment you need. Skipping any meals can throw a person’s eating habits out of sync, and they may overindulge when they finally eat.

• Eat plenty of vegetables. Incorporate fruits, proteins, grains and plenty of vegetables into every meal. The USDA recommends that adults fill their plates at least half full of vegetables and fruits with each meal.

• Get some exercise every day. Physical activity is part of losing weight, and it’s an integral part of keeping it off. Lifestyle changes such as a commitment to fitness are crucial in remaining healthy. If a person can’t make it to the gym, there are plenty of ways to stay fit at home.

• Keep a journal. During the weight loss phase, it is vital to keep track of eating habits and caloric intake. It’s a good idea to continue the practice once the desired weight has been reached; those who keep track of what they eat are more likely to remain at a healthy weight.

• Find a support system. If a person takes part in a medical weight loss program, that program should have a continuing education and support system to help during the maintenance phase. Having support can help to prevent gradual regaining of weight from getting out of control.

• Do chores around the house. Yes, even household chores can burn calories. Making beds, cutting the grass and washing the dishes can be boring, but all physical activities help people burn calories.

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