Talk to Your Dentist Today About Crowns in Grand Island, NE

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When your dentist installs crowns during an office visit, he or she fits a cap over a decayed tooth. This is intended to encase the tooth and give it a new outer surface. The procedure may involve multiple visits so you’ll need to discuss this option with your dental professional to make sure that your questions are answered and your concerns are addressed,

For Example

Porcelain crowns, for example, give your teeth a natural look and excellent performance with no lines. Traditional procedure involves making an impression of the teeth to be crowned, numbing of the area involved, and preparing the decayed or damaged area. The dentist may also use a temporary cap until the permanent one is ready.

The temporary crown will be removed, and the permanent one will be applied with a special cement. If you believe that this procedure might be what you need, you’d be wise to contact Grand Island Dental Center to discuss your options. The numb feeling may last for a few hours, but it’s quite normal.

When it’s Used

If you think that you might benefit from this special procedure, you should schedule an appointment with professionals who are experienced with crowns in Grand Island, NE. They may decide that this is the right option for you if teeth are broken or decayed to the point that a filling won’t help. They may also decide to use this option when you would benefit from improvement on how the tooth looks.

Your newly crowned tooth will work just like a healthy, original tooth. Over a long period of time, it may be necessary to have the cap cemented again or replaced. When you work with dental professionals, you also have access to a number of other important procedures such as teeth whitening, dental implants, and tooth bonding. Make the phone call today to talk with your dentist about this traditional method of giving you healthy teeth.

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